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Love this shirt!




Just ordered Going Natural; how to fall in love with nappy hair and big chopped today

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Its a bird!


How often di you see this outside your cafe?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Natural Hair Events Season!

Hello Ladies and some of you gents,

I don't know if you noticed this but there are an awful lot of natural hair events going on. Too many to attend and I just don't know where to start!

After Tammy's wonderful Show up and Show Out event, I went to Natural's Night out and today I was honored to be invited to Simeko's One World Many Naturals Exposition as a nominee. All I can say is it was wonderful and inspiring. Not just surrounded by gorgeous hairstyles but also by beautiful people and wonderful spirits, it was an event that I wouldn't have want to miss for the world!

First, I was glad to have a ride with Jessyca Marshall from Naturally Beautiful Hair Care. So apart from the fact that I didn't have any public transport hassles on a Sunday, she was good company. Not just because she is one of the hairstylists who loves to talk about her craft but also because guess what; she has an event coming up! You can click here to read more and register: The Brothas Speak on Natural Beauty.

Once arrived, I had the pleasure of meeting the most wonderful naturals from the WWW in real life.  Franchesca Leigh Ramsey who's hair story we featured in February 2010 was also a nominee for best blogger. It was great to hear her speak and it was even greater to talk to her in person. She has one of the sweetest personalities I have ever met and she looked stunning. Check out her hair story and youtube channel, she has a lot of stuff coming up.

It was an equal pleasure to meet Shelli Gillis from who was hosting the purple carpet interviewing nominees and visitors of the event. Simeko did an good job bringing the nicest people of the web together. Empowerment Speaker and Peak Performance Coach, Keisha Orr looked stunning while presenting the program and I even had the pleasure of meeting some naturals who came all the way from Delaware. I could go on and on but just take a look at the few pictures I shot to get an idea of the event. While Simeko and her great team probably need a week to recuperate I am already looking forward to next year.

Now, I absolutely don't want you to miss the next events so I am offering free tickets for the screening of In our heads about our hair, the documentary produced by Anu Prestonia from Khamit Kinks. The movie is screening at the 34th St. AMC/Loews Theater on 8th Avenue next September 21st, at 5:30 pm in the big theater. Just click here to register and leave a comment on why you should win the tickets. If you have an event coming up, feel free to add it to our events page so people know what is going on.

Other updates
We got great response on the hair stories. Click to check Maame's hair story, the first one to use the new form to submit stories. Keep sending your stories and stay tuned! There are many more to come.

I am also happy about how you welcomed Anthony with his new blog "A Black man's Perspective". This week a new one will be up so you have to come back for that.

We still have a man's perspective on natural hair. Click here to check out Jason Terry's vision. He doesn't only have beautiful kinks, he knows how to take a good shot too. 

Last but not least. Don't forget to check the webshop for sales! Here is the link: Going Natural Care

See you online!

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